So Fly

by Vivid Fever Dreams
May 3, 2024 on Supercollector


This project is my take on that whole "AI is gonna steal our jobs" panic – especially for those of us as artists. As all artists know, we put in the sweat and tears to get good. Thousands upon thousands of hours in most cases. Then out of the blue this software appears that anyone can use to spit out something with minimal effort.

Even though a lot of the outputs are currently far from perfect, this is the worst it will ever be and it’s getting better with every passing day. It was a crazy realization once I experienced it for myself and understood the implications this tech has on the future of art creation and consumption.

I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed sentiment on socials. Everyone seems to be going through the stages of grief as the reality of the situation becomes more apparent.

Some of the questions, fears and insecurities I’ve been grappling with:

How will I be able to make money as an artist if everyone can make music with the push of a button?

The market is already severely oversaturated, will people even care about what I’m releasing when they can generate their own music, fine-tuned to their tastes?

Was this entire musical journey a waste of time? What is even the point of learning new skills that will eventually be optimized and deemed obsolete as soon as chat gpt 5 drops?

While working on the music for this project I wanted to face these feelings of fear and unease I had head on. What if AI wasn't the enemy, but a collaborator? On this EP, I played with AI to experiment with my vocal tonality, to create cool cohesive visual branding... stuff to help materialize the vision I had in mind. And I’m proud to say, this is my absolute best work yet. I’m really excited for you to hear it